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Indoor Pyrotechnics and SA Fireworks Pty Ltd has been trading in South Australia for over 35 years. The company has provided spectacular firework displays and special effects for some of South Australia's major corporate events, offering outdoor firework displays, no matter the size or type of event. Indoor Pyrotechnics was our first division, founded on a vision of providing spectacular indoor pyrotechnic effects for a wide range of audiences, ranging from corporate events including product launches to celebration events, religious events, funerals, rock concerts and theatre. Today, we work on a range of different shows and have the ability to enhance any event by providing a range of different services. These include small additions to an event, various levels of service, materials only, or an individually-designed and executed spectacle of light, colour, smoke and sound. From indoor pyrotechnic effects that can be detonated from as little as 3 metres clearance, to outdoor products with colours that will amaze, we can design and choreograph incredible indoor and outdoor firework displays that will be remembered long after the show has finished. We have crew in the following geographical areas and are able to preform fireworks and special effects displays in Brisbane, far north Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

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